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  Please consider this as your "Official Welcome" to First Baptist Church of Delhi. Whether you are visiting the area or are looking for a place to explore and express your spirituality, you are warmly invited to worship with us. We are a loving congregation with diverse expressions of our walk with Jesus Christ and we rejoice in God's call upon each of us. As American Baptists, We recognize the sacred nature of each individuals relationship with God. We see our mission as to know Christ and to make him known. We realize that the journey to know Christ is an awesome and sometimes mysterious one. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but We do trust the ongoing presence of the Holy Spirit to guide Seekers to the truth found in Christ.
  Do you have a spiritual side of your life that you feel is unexplored and/or unexpressed?  Do you wonder how your thoughts, feelings, dreams and hopes for the future can be expressed and meaningfully exist in an infinite universe of untold majesty and complexity? Do You have questions and opinions about God? Are you willing to risk sharing you lifes' journey with a community of people who are searching like you are? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, We welcome you to join our congregation.

  My name is Jeff Staples and I pastor this group of seekers after Gods kingdom. I'm a dad of 5 and a grandpa of far. I look foward to meeting and getting to know you some time soon. And  remember ...
Jesus loves you very much and would do anything for you.

First Baptist Church of Delhi N.Y.